This is where I plan on keeping my diary entries that I do not mind being public. I have a separate diary (Book of Shadows) in physical copy written in Theban which I do not share with anyone. However, I enjoy the style and use of imagery that having a web based Book of Shadows allows, and so I plan on using both of these to keep my daily musings and whatnot. I am a solitary Witch, so I will not be breaking any rules or guidelines as I am not bound by anything or to any one. I do not belong to any coven, though I have mingled with Witches of a few. I actually really miss my Pagan family, but I haven't spoken to any of them in so long as I prefer solitary practice, so I do not know how to reach out to them now. It would be amazing if they saw this and remembered my Pagan name, but I doubt any of them will see this. Needless to say, I will not be sharing any of their secrets here, nor will I share anyone's point of view other than my own- unless I am discussing a popular published work.

This is where I will be posting any and all videos that inspire me, have some connection to my spiritual path, or are obviously false representations of Witches in the media but are still fun to watch (like clips from Hocus Pocus or the show Charmed. Afterall, a little humor goes a long way in raising the right kind of energy to do Magick.